The Simpson Story: The Creation

You will never imagine that animated characters will make you laugh. One of the best animated movie is the story of the Simpsons. It is one of the most viewed show even decades after its creation. The story of Simpsons reflects the American class working lifestyle. It is a series of animated shows way back 1980s and it eventually became the love of all audiences throughout the world.

The Simpson movie became well- known for its impacting hallmark and jokes that includes gags and words and phrases that is even made their way to everyday use. It became the talk of the town. It hit a big. It is truly remarkable. You know, for people who watched or who will watch this, as if they watched or they will watch a cheer. The Simpson movie made a history.

The main characters of the show involved the whole family of: Homer (the father) who is a childish father. He is an employee at a nuclear power plant, Marge (the mother) who is a loving and nurturing mother who takes good care of the family. She maintains peace in the family. Bart, the ten year old son. Lisa (the eight year old daughter) who is a smart daughter. Known as with intellectual heart. And Magie (the youngest) who is very naughty.

The Simpson movie brought to life many events. It depicts also the many aspects of American culture, political aspects, society, history and so on. Many guest were involved in order to give life to the show. The movie focused on the relationship and bonds of one another.

Other characters include Milhouse, Flanders, Moe, Krusty, Otto, Jimbo, Carl, Skinner, Jeff, Bob Patino, Joe, Willie, Mr. Burns and so on.