Art of cartooning, how is it made?

Have you once tried to draw cartoons? During childhood many try to draw cartoons in their own ability and way of drawing. Even if it is not perfect it is still a good drawing in our sight. Our little achievement is appreciated mostly by our parents but not the bully brother or older sister who knows to draw and can even draw our picture looking silly or pitiful. It is not a good experience but by that you still have the time to know each other and understand the nature and characteristics of one another.

When you are making the drawing of cartoon characters, are you not curious how they are made? Their existence start when a cartoonist thinks of a character to do. He will begin to make sketches of it. It can be either a part of a group or alone as the hero. The cartoonists will then make a great consideration of how the character looks based on the role he will perform or be in. He will have to think of how he looks at different angles and environments.

It is not an easy tasks but it is the joy of the cartoonists to make one and let it live through the stories. It can be in print form or in movies, check this out. The father of my niece who is an avid fan if this and  encourages my niece to be a cartoonists even as a hobby only.