Watching Animation can alter children’s behaviour

While taking care of our children’s growth is very important. Their personal growth can be influenced by the environment that they live in. For example, if you treat your kid very strict he will grow up imitating you. Thus, making him to someone you want to be, starts while he is still very young.

Nowadays, we can let our children watch TV. Actually what he sees in the TV without your guidance might be a series of questions to him. He might think it whether it is right or wrong. Like this, is a child is yet to be exposed to somethings like kicking, punching or trash talking, he might just wander and imitate what he wants.

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The things kids look at will be the very effect of their behaviour and critical thinking. This does not take away something through animation. Actually, it is not the animation that is problem to our society, especially to the kids. It is the content that matters and that can affect the way kids or even people can think. they are not concerned but to work hard to provide food on the table.