The Benefits of Cartoon Shows

What are the benefits of cartoon show to kids? It is wrong to think that cartoons are only for kids because producers of cartoon shows do not only design cartoons for kids but also for adults. So why do we have to let our kids watch cartoon show? Below are reasons why we have to expose our kids to cartoon shows, but not to the point addiction.

  1. Stress-Reliever- Humorous scenarios that would actually relieve kids and adults from stresses – not only adults are stressed but also kids.

  1. Vocabulary building- For kids, conversation is the only way they can build vocabularies and understand the meaning of each and every word uttered by the people around them. When watching TV Shows, they can hear words that they do not hear from their families or people around them and they try to absorb them.
  2. Society Awareness- Kids have no idea on how to interact with each other and they are not aware of what society is so they try to watch what is going on in a society.

  1. Inquiries Solved- Children may have questions existence and some aspect in life. Actually, parents or guardians can not provide what kids want to know but cartoon may help them.
  2. Brain-Developer- Cartoons can boost the brain of children to work through curiosity not to mention that they have to concentrate. We hear kids asking their parents, “Why is she doing like that?” This can develop their critical thinking skills. If this is the case, they can be smarter and more advanced than the children who do not watch any shows.