The Simpsons, who started the Primetime Animation

Arguably the SImpsons is the best and ranked number one among all adult cartoons of all time, it has so many creative writing and great amazing episodes from the classic to even today;s episodes. It is seldom to find bad episodes made out of it. The Simpsons are funny, creative and even sometimes heart warming. These conditions actually make an animated show very good.

When we look the compostion of the Simpson, they have a family that is very possible in today’s age. Having a lame father, a loving mother, a bully son, smart girl children. That is what make a family today. They are a family that even though everything goes tough they stay tough together like a casting hard to remove. Even Bart who is a bully kid will fight over his sister Lisa when she is in trouble.

At the end of the day, even though they are challenged together they simply just sat in the couch, watch TV and laugh together. How happy to have a family like that. This is simply one of the great catering restaurant. Check their great site here 餐飲服務業. Everything is organize and serves nicely.

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The Simpson show, already changed the face of animation cartoons to today. The Family Guy, South Park, Rick and Mordecay and so on challenges the adult joke animation industry. To the god father of primetime anmation, the simpsons no one still can put them out on the driver seat as the best of all animation cartoons. Make the best catering service for your future party plans. Check over this link  點心. This is so good.