The Process of Animation Making

Animated movies are entertaining. But prior to the output, animation is a long tie process.  You need to have the story in the first place. Without a story you cannot make a movie, animated or unanimated. No matter how beautiful is the film without a story, it will ruin everything because you do not have foundation, the flow, the characters, and of course, the show. But story grows and changes with the production. After executing the story, you need to have the script and drawing.

Using the storyboard (type of a comic strip), it will lead you to perfect camera angles and correct positions of the characters. After everything, put those things into an editing programs. Put addition of sound and voices.

Next is modeling. You need to build the modeling such as 3D modeling. Mostly used as a model is the 3D modeling that can move and do anything. This is where you can put life into it. After establishing the model, you have to build the skeleton. Just like our body that cannot do anything without our skeleton, animation making needs skeleton for the mobility of the animated objects.

Creation of a pre-visualization would be the next step. In this process, you can add the final voice in order to have a correct and precise timing for everything. This is the chance to make all final things to be made before the actual animation process. Failure to do these and going back to the previous steps while on the way to the final animation will cause delay and serious problem on the making process.

The final process would be the animation in which you will give life to the characters. It needs much time and it needs your full attention to get the top result. Additionally, add lighting and rendering, editing and coloring, and enhancing sound effects.