The Freshness of Simpson’s

Have you ever tried to watch Simpson’s animated TV Show? How do you find it? The Simpson’s contain among all the animated cartoon show, why is Simpson’s the best cartoon show of all time? There are 28 seasons and 611 episodes of the show since by the year 2016 since its creation. The show has been always fresh ever since the show was revealed. How did the Simpson’s make this long run? Looking into the show, we can find the explanations why the show became the most famous cartoon show of all time.

Humor- The Simpson’s role was not just to produce a show but to act as a real entertainer for all regardless of age and time. The episode five “ Cape Feare” is really the part where too much humor is explicated.


Issues- The issues about normal life are and other aspects in life was also shown through the characters such as husband and wife, sibling and friends are clearly and absolutely expressed by the producers. This is why no wonder viewers have been so overwhelmed and excited with the upcoming episodes.

Emotion- The emotion expressed in the show are true to life stories. Emotions that are shown even give humor to the story. The most emotional scenes in the show are found in season 2, 4, 6, 19, 25. Try to watch episode 22 “Round Springfield” of season 6 and you will surely catch why Simpson’s is the best flower ever bloomed in the history of cartoon show.

Action scenes- Action scenes are also found in the show like the action show of Arnold Schwarzenegger on “Springfield Squares”. This is really something in the story. We use adapt superstars action in order to add effect to the cartoon show. We use this strategy to attract viewers who are not really acquainted with cartoon shows.

You will love Simpson’s Show once you try to catch the logic of the cartoon show.